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Think college is out of reach?

The truth is, just about everyone who wants to go to college can afford it. Nationwide, seven out of ten full-time college students receive financial aid. In fact, last year, more than $4 million in grants, scholarships, and loans was awarded to Allan Hancock College students.

College is possible!

Applying for financial aid is free! Simply complete the form online. For maximum financial award, apply by March 2. 

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Some Things You Should Know

  1. Do not assume you don’t qualify for financial aid. In fact, one out of two applicants receives financial assistance.
  2. Applying for financial aid is free! Simply complete the form online at
  3. For maximum financial award, apply by March 2. You can still apply after that date and anytime throughout the year.
  4. If you are receiving any financial aid other than a Board of Governor's fee waiver (BOG), dropping classes could result in the student repaying federal funds already received or could reduce future financial aid funding.  It is recommended that you contact the financial aid office before dropping classes.
  5. All student payments for the summer 2015 semester will be based upon the number of units the student is enrolled in as of June 28, 2015.  The units enrolled in as of that date will determine the amount of Pell and FSEOG funds a student will receive for the summer semester.  Any increases or decreases made to the student's unit load after June 28 will not be considered when calculating the payment amount for the summer semester.  However, if a student withdraws from all classes and is no longer enrolled for the summer semester, the student may owe a repayment of funds received to the federal government. 
  6. You must enroll in all classes for the summer semester including any 6 week, 8 week or other short term classes offered during the summer semester by June 28, 2015 to be paid for those classes.  If a student is not enrolled  for semester length courses, but initially enrolls later in the semester in short term courses, then units used to calculate payment will be based on the Sunday immediately after the student's initial registration. For more information on disbursements of Title IV when a student withdraws and overpayments, review our “Treatment of Title IV Policies”.

7 Easy Steps to Financial Aid Success!

  1. Make the right choice---say yes to college!

  2. Obtain the financial aid application (FAFSA) online at

  3. Obtain the California Community College Board of Governor’s fee waiver (BOG) form. The simple application is also available at the AHC financial aid office. Learn more about BOG

  4. Complete the FAFSA and BOG applications (we will help you!). If you submit the FAFSA online your results will be provided in about three days; via mail, your results will be provided in about six weeks. BOG eligibility can usually be determined in minutes right at the AHC financial aid office.

  5. Follow up with the AHC financial aid office staff to complete the financial aid process. This could involve providing specific paperwork, as needed.

  6. Check with the AHC financial aid office staff about available scholarships.

  7. More than $300,000 is available each year from the Allan Hancock College Foundation for Allan Hancock College students!You are done! Your efforts could pay off with up to $8,000 dollars annually to help with college costs.

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Charlie Kim

Charlie Kim
Basic Law Enforcement Academy Student

"The most valuable thing I've learned in Law Enforcement is going to be integrity. You find yourself, you take responsibility for your mistakes you learn from them, you gain knowledge from them, and you become a better person. My whole mindset is different now, I go out there and I walk a little different. Allan Hancock has made a difference in my life. I know I'm accomplishing something that I can feel good about."
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