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Chipotle Cultivating Creativity Student Essay Contest 5/31/2015 APPLY
AB 540 Dream Scholarship 6/4/2015 APPLY
Proofreading Services Writing Scholarships 6/25/2015 APPLY
Healthcare Scholarship Program 2015 6/30/2015 APPLY
Moseley Collins Scholarship for the Seriously Injured 6/30/2015 APPLY
Sterling Law Offices College Offices 6/30/2015 APPLY
Goedeker's Appliances Public Service Scholarship 7/15/2015 APPLY
Lending Tree Scholarship  7/15/2015 APPLY
Software Providers 7/15/2015 APPLY
California Council of the blind Scholarship 7/17/2015 APPLY
Thermo Fisher Scientific Peirce Scholarship Program 7/27/2015 APPLY
The Vectorworks Design Scholarship 8/31/2015 APPLY
Tractor & Equipment Association Scholarship 9/1/2015 APPLY
Ignite AG Customer Advisory Board Scholarship 10/1/2015 APPLY
Goodbye Loans Scholarship 10/1/2015 & 3/31/2016 APPLY
Tungsten Rings & Co Scholarship   10/15/2015 & 4/15/2015 APPLY
American Muscle Automotive Scholarship 10/15/2015 & 6/15/2016 APPLY
Founders Scholarship 10/31/2015 & 4/30/2016 APPLY
Special Scholarships for High School Seniors in the South County 11/15/2015 APPLY
Distracted Driver Awareness Scholarship 11/15/2015 APPLY
Adoptions from the Heart Birth Parent Scholarship  12/1/2015 & 7/1/2015 APPLY
JobApplicationSite Scholarship 12/1/2015 & 8/1/2015 APPLY
GoodCall's Best Decision Scholarship 12/13/2015 & 07/31/2016 APPLY
The Loganix Scholarship 12/15/2015 APPLY
Excel Builders Scholarship 12/30/2015 APPLY
GoodCall Scholarship 12/31/2015 APPLY
In-Home Care Innovation Scholarship 12/31/2015 APPLY
Moseley Collins Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship  12/31/2015 APPLY
Excel Scholarship
12/31/2015 APPLY
The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 12/31/2015 & 3/31/2016 APPLY
The Gates Millennium Scholars  1/15/2016 APPLY
U.S. Army Women's Foundation Legacy Society 1/15/2016 APPLY
CAC Educational Scholarship Foundation 1/20/2016 APPLY
Latina Leadership Network Scholarship 1/29/2016 APPLY
Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara 1/31/2016 APPLY
Hometeam Homecare Scholarship 2/1/2016 APPLY
California Strawberry Scholarships 2/15/2016 APPLY
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship
SEMA Scholarship 3/1/2016 APPLY
2015-16 CCCSFAAA Scholarship 3/11/2016 APPLY
TEF High School Student Scholarship
3/15/2016 APPLY Small Business Scholarship 3/31/2016 APPLY
2016-17 2 Year College or Technical Degree Scholarship 3/31/2016 APPLY
Central Coast Vietnam Veterans of America Scholarship 4/1/2016 APPLY

True Vine Bible Fellowship Scholarship

5/31/2016 APPLY
The CourseMinded Online Course Scholarship 6/20/2016 APPLY
Tungsten Scholarship Contest - 2016
9/2/2016 APPLY
Toptal Scholarship
10/14/2016 APPLY
American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants and Awards VARIES APPLY
Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship VARIES APPLY

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Janel Case

Janel Case
Biomedical Engineering

Graduating high school with honors and realizing I did not have the monetary means to go off to a university like I had always dreamed about felt like a setback. Being at a community college, for my first semester, felt like a detriment to my education. Despite this I began to reach out to other students and was referred by a student to a program called MESA. MESA has shaped my educational career. MESA has provided me with opportunities I would have otherwise missed on my own, an opportunity to work with other like-minded majors who have since become like family. With this kind of strong foundation I have been able to excel in my science, mathematics, and engineering courses.
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