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Ann Foxworthy
Art Gallery

Current Exhibition

Allan Hancock College and The Ann Foxworthy Gallery are honored to be showcasing the creative and diverse works of our fine art students. Featured are works from our Studio Arts 2D & 3D, Digital Media, Graphic Design, and Photography programs

The Ann Foxworthy wishes to thank all the artists who have shared their wonderful works with the gallery and community this 2018/2019 school year. We look forward to the shows coming for our 2019/2020. Check back for updates on upcoming shows for next year.

About the Gallery

"The epicenter of the arts in the Santa Maria Valley," the Ann Foxworthy Art Gallery promotes the development of professional and student artists and serves as an educational resource for the entire community. The gallery program's mission is to advocate and encourage the practice and appreciation of the various forms, media, and artistic expression open to the contemporary artist and viewer. The gallery is named after former Allan Hancock College President/Superindenant Ann Foxworthy

Gallery location