Concept Paper

  1. Introduction:  include information about the funding agency that demonstrates you have done your homework.  You understand their mission, what they fund, and how the missions of your agency and the funding agency mesh. The first sentences are important.  Capture their interest; engage them to continue reading….
  2. Purpose: The problem this project addresses; the need this project fulfills; why this problem has to be addressed. 
    - Supporting documentation, statistical data, indicate why anyone should care…
    - Cite what others have accomplished, your expertise in the area, and describe what more needs to be done
  3. The goal: what we wish to change. The objectives: how we will attain that goal. The activities: what we will do to meet the objectives. Describe thetarget population to be served by this project.
    - Overview of the Methodology – how the project will be carried out, innovative approaches, techniques, processes that will be used, general timeline, anticipated benefits and who will benefit. 
    - Be clear, concise, brief and positive.  Consider the audience who will be reading the concept paper – scientists, generalists, educators, board members, use languag3e that will communicate your ideas clearly
  4. Evaluation: how we will know if we are successful, the anticipated outcomes and benefits.
  5. What resources we have and what additional resources we will need to either pilot or implement this project.
  6. Appearance is important.  The concept paper represents you! Use appropriate font, margins, check for spelling errors, number the pages, Place name and date in the header, contact information at the bottom.

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