Grant Application Process

  • Looking for funding for an idea or project? Submit a Request for Funding Search form.
  • Have an idea you’d like to develop? Prepare a Concept Paper.
  • Already have a funding source? Send guidelines to Institutional Grants office (IG).

Steps to Apply for a Grant

  1. Initial Intent.  Notify Institutional Grants office and your Dean/Director of your intent to develop a grant proposal, and work with IG staff to fill out a Notice of Intent to Apply(NIA). The Dean/Director will present the NIA to the Vice President or Cabinet level administrator for preliminary approval.
  2. Project Development.  Completing the NIA will require meeting with various department personnel and asking their assistance in providing baseline data, job classifications, or accurately pricing needed resources. Completing the NIA is a process that occurs while working closely with IG to develop the proposal and the budget according to a timeline prepared for you by IG. Administrative signatures on the form indicate that they provided input and concur with the content being written into the proposal.
  3. Application Approval.  When the proposal and proposed budget are ready for final review, IG will distribute an email to appropriate administrators alerting them that the proposal and budget are ready for approval and final signatures. Attached to the email are a project abstract, the work plan, and the budget. A hard copy file that includes agency forms is prepared for signatures, covered by a Grant Application Approval Form (GAAF) that includes a final budget summary. The package is then routed for final signatures. A full week is needed for this final review and approval.
  4. IG submits application to funding agency and prepares an information item for the next Board of Trustees meeting. In some cases, the proposal will be submitted electronically and agency forms will not be signed.  However, Step 3 will still be followed.


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