Steps to Preparing a Grant Proposal

Step 1:      Contact the Institutional Grants (IG) office with your interest in writing a grant and submitting a proposal. Call x 3450 to speak with the Director or call x 3566 to speak with the grants analyst. Provide IG with the agency guidelines if you are responding to a Request for Proposals (RFP) or any information you may have on the potential funding source. 

Step 2:      If you are not responding to an RFP, but have an idea you wish to develop, the following five questions will guide you through the process of developing a concept paper that can be used to search for a funder. Writing 2-3 paragraphs on each question should suffice to clarify the important issues that would be addressed in a full proposal.

a.      What is the problem this project addresses; the need this project fulfills; what do you wish to change; why does this problem have to be addressed?
b.      What is the target population to be served by this project?
c.      What are the objectives (what you will do), outcomes (benefits), and methodology (activities)?
d.      How will you evaluate the project to determine if you are successful?
e.      What resources do you have and what additional resources will you need? 

Step 3:      Once a funding source has been targeted, you can use the concept paper to generate feedback from colleagues and to get the support of your department chair and dean.. Research either on your own or with the help of the Institutional Grants staff the sponsor’s guidelines and preparation suggestions. If the funding source is a foundation, often they require a letter of inquiry, which IG will help you prepare.  We may then be invited to submit a full proposal. 

Step 4:       In conjunction with IG, write the proposal. Most proposals include the following sections:

  • a statement of need or problem
  • a project description and timetable
  • a budget and a budget justification
  • organizational information and qualifications of the project personnel
  • an evaluation plan
  • and a plan to disseminate the results 

See Resources for assistance with proposal writing and links to proposal writing tutorials.

Step 5:      Work closely with the Institutional Grants office to establish a timetable for proposal development. The Grants Analyst will also work with you to ensure that the proposal meets agency formatting guidelines, and that the budget is developed in compliance with district policies and grants administration regulations.

Step 6:        Follow the Grants Application Process to secure internal approval to proceed. 

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