Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes Cycle Graph

Student learning outcomes are the knowledge and skills that students attain during the complex process called teaching and learning.

During the educational process, much is learned by interactions with a variety of people and services on campus. Student services and administration help create a climate conducive to learning and provide services to support the student in their educational journey. All employees at AHC have one common purpose – to provide facilities and learning opportunities that assist the student in achieving academic goals.

The development and assessment of student learning outcomes is the process by which AHC continually improves instruction and services to maximum student success.

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(805) 922-6966 + ext.

Mayra Morales*
SLO Co-Coordinator, Student Services
ext. 3336

Juanita Tuan*
SLO Co-Coordinator, Student Services
ext. 3646

Liz West*
SLO Coordinator, Academic Affairs
ext. 3279

Jennie Robertson
Learning Outcomes Analyst
ext. 3880

To contact your departmental liaison, please visit the LOAC member page.

*SLO Coordinators are faculty members appointed to assist instructors in identifying and assessing student learning outcomes.


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