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Curriculum News and Events

Curriculum discussions at the state level

California Community Colleges Curriculum Committee (CCCCC)

  • Formerly,  System Advisory Committee on Curriculum (SACC), 5C is responsible for the development and revision of all title 5 regulations related to curriculum and instruction. 

 Proposed and Adopted Revisions to Title 5 Regulations

  • Disabled Student Services and Program Regulation Rewrite
  • Standards and Criteria for Courses; Credit Hour; Credit Course Approval;
    Approval of Credit Programs; Conditions for Claiming Attendance 
  • Articulation of High School Courses 
  •  Minimum Qualifications for Disabled Students Programs and Services Employees
    Regulations as filed

Statewide Academic Senate (ASCCC)

Online Professional Development Courses (PDC) - The Academic Senate initiated the PDC in 2014 to serve as a comprehensive professional development resource for all faculty, staff, and administrators in the California community colleges. Faculty experts under the direction of the ASCCC design each PDC course to provide timely training that participants can complete at their own convenience.