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Job Search (Jobspeaker)

If you were recently laid off, please be sure to apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible.

Job Search (Jobspeaker)

Hey Bulldog! 

Have you heard?! Allan Hancock College has a new, skills-based, career services app: Jobspeaker! 

This app aims to simplify and optimize your job search process, align you with what employers are looking for, and support your career preparation. 

We welcome you to activate your FREE account today!  



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A Career Center Specialist is available to help you every step of the way. 

With your personalized online profile, you can promote your skillset, experience, and enthusiasm to potential employers. 

Employers can quickly access your profile and match you to open positions at their business or organization. 
You can even create multiple, customized versions depending on the roles you’re applying for. 

We are certain Jobspeaker will assist in providing you the right tools to help you get the right job! 

For more information, please contact:

Alyssa Stovall
Career Readiness Specialist: Business Partnerships
Student Services Building A, Room A207
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3513