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Beginning Computer Skills & Microsoft Office Basics

Woman on computer in classroom

The online world is constantly changing and growing. We want you to be prepared.

Allan Hancock College Community Education can help you build new skills that will give you a leg up on the job market, with Certificates of Completion in Beginning Computer Skills and Microsoft Office Basics.

More entry-level jobs – not just in business, but across many industries – now require their employees to have basic computer skills. Even searching for and applying for jobs now requires some computer literacy.

Our skilled and passionate instructors are here to help you unlock your potential and reach your academic, personal, and professional goals.

Man and woman on laptop togetherThis program is best for students who are new to computer technology and may be using a desktop or laptop for the first time. Students will learn how to use the Windows operating system to organize files, manage their desktop, and use a variety of applications. You will also learn how to send and receive email, browse the internet, and create and manage a personal social media account.

View the College Catalog for more information on our Beginning Computer Skills classes and Certificate of Completion.

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Younger man on computer.Our Microsoft Office Basics program is best for students who have completed the Beginning Computer Skills program, or those who want to use their knowledge in a professional way. Learn how to create flyers using Word, analyze data using Excel spreadsheets, develop presentations using PowerPoint, and design business cards, and brochures using Publisher.

Check the Hancock College Catalog for more information on our Microsoft Office Basics classes and Certificate of Completion.

About Vocational Educationcertificate

From Commercial Truck Driving to Floral Design, our tuition-free Vocational Education classes at Allan Hancock College Community Education are designed to help students explore new careers with high employment potential.

We offer courses that will teach you the basics of using a Windows computer to send and receive emails, organize files, and surf the internet; how to create spreadsheets, flyers, brochures, and more; and how to create slideshows for home and business use. Students can also practice their skills in our self-paced or instructor-led labs.

Students who complete enough courses can earn a Certificate of Completion in either Beginning Computer Skills or Microsoft Office Basics. A brief description of each certificate offered by Community Education is provided below. Check the college catalog for an overview of required classes and full description.

Be More, Do More, Earn More!

Careers demanding solid computer skills include customer service representative, office or administrative assistant, operations coordinator, accounting clerks, and management positions in a variety of industries.

General office clerks are earning approximately $19 per hour on average in the region and customer service representatives locally earn an average hourly wage of approximately $19.50 per hour, or more than $40,000 annually. Administrative assistants can take home an hourly wage of approximately $22 per hour, or more than $45,000 annually, with many opportunities for growth.

Many of these middle-skills jobs pay a living wage and require a high school diploma but not necessarily a college degree.