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Athletics Counseling

In conjunction with the BARC Program (Bulldog Athlete Retention Champions), the function of athletic counseling is to support all intercollegiate student athletes in identifying and achieving their academic and personal goals as they relate to career and major interests, transfer requirements, athletic eligibility, and access to campus resources.

Students are provided strategic support through:

  • study hall and open labs facilitated by academic success instructors and coaches
  • access to computers in a dedicated study hall environment
  • specialized workshops focused on addressing their unique needs: such as residency, nutrition, and transfer
  • learning community collaboration of English, speech, and counseling faculty focused on engaging student-athletes interests and concerns in the classroom towards meeting transfer and graduation requirements. 

Connect with a Counselor

To schedule a counseling appointment, you are required to use the Successnet link below.  You will be able to schedule an appointment with a counselor in your area of interests.  

Schedule a Counseling Appointment

Helpful YouTube Videos:

How to schedule a counseling appointment?

How to cancel a scheduled appointment?

Athlete Resources