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Applying for a Certificate

To be awarded, certificate requirements must be completed by the end of the semester. 

Certificate Awarding Process

If you are only using courses from Hancock to complete your certificate, you can meet with a counselor on a drop-in.  

If you are using courses from another college to complete your certificate, all your official transcripts must be submitted to our Admissions and Records Office for a course-to-course evaluation. Wait for an email confirmation from the Admissions and Records Office confirming your transcript has been received and evaluated.  Next, schedule a counseling appointment for a thorough certificate evaluation.  A counselor will ensure all your certificate applicable credit will be inputted into DegreeWorksIf you are at 98% completed of your certificate objective, upon your request, a counselor will apply for your certificate. 

Deadline to Submit an Application for a Certificate

Use the Successnet link below to schedule a counseling appointment.