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The Counseling Department offers informational workshops to educate students and assist them in reaching their academic/career goals.  See below to view workshops.    

Class Search & Registration Workshops

Do you need help searching and registering for classes?  Don't miss out on our live Zoom workshops that will help you through the process.  Workshops are also available in Spanish!  Click on the link below to get instantly connected to a zoom session.

Class Search & Registration Workshop

 University Transfer Center Workshops

The University Transfer Center (UTC) provides informative virtual workshops to assist students in the transfer process.

University Transfer Workshops

Grades Matter Workshop

The Counseling Department has developed this workshop to help students understand his/her academic and/or progress standing.  Students will learn strategies to get back on track and regain good standing with the college.  The workshop will also cover the consequences of being on probation such as unit limitation, financial aid eligibility, and priority registration.  Students who receive a probation email notification are strongly encouraged to view the workshop.


Time Management Workshop

The Counseling Department has developed this workshop to help students enrich their time management skills.  The workshop will provide students with tools and guidance and learn how to use their time more effectively.  In addition, this workshop will cover common obstacles to effective time management that will help students assess their won time and priorities.


Study Skills Workshop

The Counseling Department has developed this workshop to help students develop/improve their study skills.  The workshop will also provide an activity that focuses on self-awareness and how it may relate to study styles/habits.  By attending this workshop, students will learn strategies to perform better and be successful in and out of the classroom.



Hancock Nursing Workshop

During the nursing workshops you will learn about our CNA, LVN, and RN requirements. This includes, prerequisites, application deadlines, AHC graduation requirements, the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) requirements, and nursing priority registration. This workshop is intended for all students interested in AHC's nursing program. Prior to attending the workshop, students are required to complete an AHC admission application. In addition, students will receive an abbreviated Student Education Plan.

To attend a Virtual Workshop, go to Cranium Café, find "Counseling" and select "Workshop Registration" with Nursing Counselor, Julie Vasques.  


Pathways To A BSN Workshop

Interested in transferring to a BSN program? Attend this workshop and learn more about the following routes to a BSN program:
* Basic Nursing or Pre Licensure program
* LVN to BSN
* ADN (RN) to BSN - In addition, you will learn about common prerequisites, CSU and UC general education requirements, admission application deadlines, and TEAS testing.

To attend a Virtual Workshop, go to Cranium Café, find "Counseling" and select "Workshop Registration" with Nursing Counselor, Julie Vasques.