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Women dancingDIMENSIONS IN DANCE 2023

The Allan Hancock College Dance Program presents Dimensions in Dance!

This semester's concert explores the interplay between visual aesthetics and the fluidity of movement, this class is a vibrant tapestry of inspiration. Choreographers draw from the rich tapestry of both faculty artists' brilliance and the legacy of renowned art pieces, crafting choreography that breathes life into the canvas of the stage.

Come and witness the alchemy of creativity as the brushstrokes of visual art seamlessly intertwine with the graceful arcs of dance, creating an immersive performance that transcends conventional boundaries. Dimensions in Dance invites you to embark on a breathtaking exploration where imagination takes flight.’

Come and enjoy a fun and artistic-filled evening with the community and our wonderful performers.


  • November 30 / 7 PM
  • December 1 / 7 PM 
  • December 2 / 7 PM 
  • General Admission Tickets $20 (Use code word "DANCEART" for $5 off!)
  • AHC Students/Faculty $10 (Must show school I.D. at the door)
Tickets are available at the PCPA Box Office.
Severson Theatre
870 S. Bradley Raod. Santa Maria, CA 93454
For more information, contact PCPA Box Office at (805) 922-8313)
Hours of Opporation:
Wednesday-Saturday 12:30PM-7PM
Sunday 12:30PM-5PM

Attendance Policies

The AHC Dance Program asks our audience members to join in helping create a healthy and safe environment for everyone attending our dance concerts.  You can help by doing the following:

  • Please stay home if you are feeling ill. 
  • All audience members under 18 must have an adult or parent present. Audience members who are 21+ can purchase and partake in wine at the event. 
  • Please arrive 45 minutes before the performance to allow time for the check-in process. Food will also be available for purchase at intermission.