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Institutional Data

Tableau Public (all access)

Program Data
Enrollment/FTES/FTEF/Success & Retention/Degrees & Certificates

SLO Data Academic Affairs

SLO Data Student Services
Learning Outcome Data for Comprehensive Program Review

High School Data - Local Feeder High Schools
Data used for annual high school roundtable

Concurrent Enrollment & High School Headcount

AHC Equity Data
Equity data by demographics using Percentage Point Gap method

Registration Report Summary

Tableau Server (password access)

Enrollment & Waitlist
Data to use while building your schedule for future terms

Scheduling Data
FTES, FTEF, Efficiency

Course Simulation (power app)
Change enrollment & FTEF and see impact on productivity

Course Heatmap
Heatmap of course begin times and days

August Registrations/Drops
Daily registrations/drops for August with filters

Registration Report Detail

Non-Credit Positive Attendance Hours
For definitions of common data terms, see Data Definitions.

Interactive Fact Book

The AHC Interactive Fact Book is intended to answer frequently asked questions about the college's service area, students, programs, faculty, and staff.

Data Dictionary