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Program Review

Annual Update
Comprehensive Program Review Learning Outcomes

About Program Review

Program Review is an essential process for college program enhancement and performance. It is a process of self-reflection on the effect a program has had on student learning. There are two parts to program review: annual update and comprehensive program review (6-year). Both reports are connected to resource allocation. Moreover, learning outcomes assessment is essential to the process. Academic programs, student services, and administrative programs all complete program review.

AHC Program Review Board Policy

Annual Update

Annual update is a brief report from each program on the progress of goals created in the previous comprehensive program review. Annual updates are completed every spring and are connected to resource allocation.

Comprehensive Program Review

Comprehensive Program Review is completed every 6 years and is a holistic program reflection that relies on both quantitative and qualitative data. The report is connected to resource allocation and planning.

Program Review Timeline        Revised Timeline

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Program Review contacts

If you have questions about your program review, your first contact would be the Dean that oversees your program. If you have questions concerning your data, you can contact the members of IE below to set up an appointment to discuss how to use the data in your program review.

Program Review Focus


Contact Info

Academic Outcomes Data: retention, success, FTEs, Load, etc.

Armando Cortez

Senior Inst. Effectiveness Analyst

Ext. 3754

Student Data Collection (Survey)

Erica Biely

Senior Instl. Effectiveness Analyst

Ext. 3712

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs, PLOs, ILOs)

Steven Butler

Institutional Effectiveness Analyst

Ext. 3824

Program Review documents

(This link will take you to the Program Review SharePoint site) 

Program Review Documents

Institutional Effectiveness provides program data to support program review self-study. On the Program Review site, you can find the following documents:

Academic Affairs:

1. Program academic outcome data (retention, success, FTEs, Load, etc.)

2. Learning outcome data (SLOs, PLOs, ILOs)

3. Last comprehensive program review completed

4. Last annual update completed

Student Services:

1. Last comprehensive program review completed

2. Last annual update completed

3. Learning outcome data (SLOs, PLOs, ILOs)

Administrative Services:

1. Last comprehensive program review completed

2. Last annual update completed