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Contact Information

Dr. Stephanie Crosby
Director, Learning Assistance Program/Student Health Services/Veteran Success Center, ext.3379

Odette Pinheiro
Learning Assistance Program Technician, ext. 3274

Sarah Easton
High Technology Instructor, ext. 3670

Weston Guerra
LVC Instructional Assistant, ext. 5275

Nancy Hernandez
Alternative Media Specialist, ext. 3788

Lala Karapetian
Learning Disabilities Specialist, ext. 3503

Linda Kelly
LVC Counselor, ext. 5214

Lisa Marsalek
Learning Disabilities Specialist, ext. 3506

Dr. Kerry Runkle
Counselor, ext. 3504

Julia Townsend
Coordinator of Interpreter and Communication Services, ext. 3396

Sarah Van Winkle
Instructional Assistant, ext. 3295

Jacqueline Widle
DSPS Specialist, ext. 3289