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Allies for Equity


The Learning Collective: allies for equity

The Learning Collective Team is excited to extend an opportunity for faculty to take a deep dive into your course data with your fellow discipline and/or department experts.  

Through this opportunity you will be able to develop an action plan with your fellow faculty members to close the equity gaps for your students! 

Participation in this opportunity is on a voluntary basis but you will be compensated based on your current collective bargaining agreement.  


  • To become equity experts within our disciplines. 
  • Increase course completion rates with specific focus on disproportionally impacted populations. 
  • Increase program completion rate with specific focus on disproportionally impacted populations. 
  • Collaborate with other faculty members.  


  • 3-4 instructors will meet in small groups on a monthly basis for mentorship and collaboration of best practices in response to topics discussed within but not limited to the Student Equity and Achievement Plan (SEAP), Guided Pathways and Title V.  
  • Each cohort will include at least one full-time instructor and one adjunct. Mentorship cohorts will meet up to 10 hours total over the course of the semester.  

  • Mid-September: Data Deep Dive - Equity Data 
  • October: Best practices – Faculty Toolkit
  • November: Data Deep Dive - Program, Course, Instructor Level Data
  • December: Develop Action Plan/Goals for Spring 2022 

To express your interest or ask a question, please email Antonio Ramirez at