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The Hancock Family Estate Archives

A work in progress... 



Capt. Hancock and Southern Cross Autographed photo of Capt. Hancock next to a plane













Have you ever wondered who the namesake of Allan Hancock College was, and why the college was named after him? Allan Hancock was an extraordinary California resident and Central Coast visionary. The AHC Library has a unique collection of items from the Hancock family. Learn a bit about the history of this collection as well as a preview of some of the fascinating items it holds! 

What is the Hancock Family Estate Archive?

The Hancock Family Estate Archive is a digital archive of materials available at the Allan Hancock College Library's archives. These materials pertain to college namesake G. Allan Hancock as well as his family and associates.

Preview the materials

This page will serve as an exhibit of a limited number of materials available in the HFEA. Digitizing and cataloging are long and involved processes and this archive will remain a work in progress. We hope you enjoy the preview! 

Where did the collection come from?

Stay tuned for information!

What will the archive look like and how can I view it?

Did you know Allan Hancock was a talented musician? His performance group, the Hancock Trio, even recorded their music and performances. Listen to recordings of the Hancock Trio, digitized and made available online through California Revealed: 

Hancock Trio 1958

Hancock Trio 1959

Hancock Trio 1960

As it is being built, the digital archive can be viewed off campus (and it will require a current AHC login). Look at the digital archive as it is built:

Hancock Digital Archive