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Hancock Unveils Updated Mission, Vision and Values Statements

JANUARY 15, 2021 -- Allan Hancock College debuted a new and updated version of its mission, vision and values statements to help guide the college as it strives to continue serving students in 2021 and beyond.

The new mission, vision and values statements were created via a diverse group of college stakeholders, including staff, faculty, and administrators in order to update Hancock’s Educational Master Plan. After being approved through Hancock’s shared governance process, the updated statements were approved by the Allan Hancock Joint Community College District Board of Trustees at their Jan. 12 regular meeting.

The mission, vision and values statements describe the institution’s broad educational purposes, its intended student population, the types of degrees and other credentials it offers and its commitment to student learning and student achievement. The statements are required as part of accreditation for all community colleges in California.

Hancock’s new mission, vision and values statements reads as follows:


Allan Hancock College fosters an educational culture that values equity and diversity and engages students in an inclusive learning environment. We offer pathways that encourage our student population to achieve personal, career, and academic goals through coursework leading to skills building, certificates, associate degrees, and transfer.


Allan Hancock College makes the following commitments to our students, our community and each other:

  • We will change the odds for students by continuing to provide quality instruction while improving time to completion.
  • We will work to build inclusive communities that promote trust and social justice. Allan Hancock College is committed to equity and diversity by ensuring our actions are based on an awareness of the social and historical context of inclusionary practices.
  • We will work to address student financial challenges, including food and housing insecurities.
  • We will prepare our students emotionally, physically, and intellectually to pursue fulfilling careers that foster economic mobility.
  • We will provide an educational culture that values, nurtures, connects, and engages students.
  • We will provide opportunities that enhance student learning and promote the creative, intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community.
  • We will partner with the community to offer relevant and timely programs and services.
  • We will ensure a positive community presence by responding to community needs, including outreach to nontraditional students.
  • We will strive to ensure fiscal integrity and responsible management of resources.


Student Success, Equity, Academic Freedom, Diversity, Innovation, Mutual Respect, Inclusivity, Collaboration, Lifelong Learning, Excellence, Shared Governance.

The updated statements are posted on the college’s website and will be included on printed materials and other college publications.

- AHC -

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