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Distance Education - Faculty

Teaching at a distance presents challenges, opportunities, flexibility, new and sometimes better ways of offering instruction to students. 

Teaching online requires a certain amount of technical knowledge, but it also requires knowledge of the pedagogical principles that are specific to teaching online. More often than not, the instructor needs to evaluate many aspects of their instruction, including assessment, design, deliver, course materials, communication and/or interaction with students.

If you are considering teaching online or would like to have some help with your online courses, please contact the distance education specialist for training and support. 


Canvas  / Zoom Resources 

Learning Assistance Program Faculty Resources

Ally (accessibility of your course content)

Teaching using a different method can be a challenge. Many of the normal pedagogical assumptions can change. For example, maintaining regular contact with your online students if very important. If you are new to teaching using technology and/or want to teach online, please contact the Distance Education Specialist. They can offer materials, workshops, training, and support.

AHC Distance Education Guidelines - PDF

Best Practices in DE - The Welcome Message

Getting Started in Distance Education

Principles of Online Learning

@one Standards for Online Instructors

Course Design Rubric for the Online Education Initiative 

Humanizing your DE course

The Teacher Learning Center (TLC) provides a high tech center for instructor training and assistance in the use of multimedia classroom and online instruction.  Distance Education and multimedia staff are nearby to help. The TLC is located in L-215, the 2nd floor of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) in Bldg. L-South

The TLC has Mac and PC platforms and software such as:

  • PowerPoint, Photoshop,
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Camtasia

The Distance Education Department offers open office hours in the TLC on:

  • Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • 9-10am and 2-3pm

zoom meeting link for office hours:

Many of the professional development workshops for Distance Education are in the TLC. For more information on workshops and how to use the TLC to prepare for your classes or work on new and innovative technology, contact the Distance Education team.

Online Education Initiative (OEI)

The OEI is an initiative of the CCC Chancellor's Office, funded by the California legislature in 2013 in support of Governor Jerry Brown's Online Education Initiative proposal.

Canvas Chosen For Course Management

The California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI) announced its intent to award Instructure Inc. the contract to provide an online course management system and related services to community colleges statewide.

OEI Resources

Online Readiness Tutorials The series of tutorials covers a range of topics including time management, communication skills, personal support and many other salient topics related to successful online learning.

Interactive Tutorials

01-Introduction to Online Learning (about 12 minutes)
02-Getting Tech Ready (about 12 minutes)