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Hancock's Got

Viewing and voting is now taking place for our Hancock's Got Talent Contest.  Our ASBG and Leadership classes would like to invite everyone to be a part of AHC 2021 Virtual Talent Showcase on April 30 at 5 p.m where we will present and announce contest winners.  For more information view our Hancock's Got Talent   flyer.

Vote for Your Favorite Talents Now!

Students will be able to vote for their favorite talent submission here.  Voting will be held from April 16- 23 by midnight. Students may vote for one in each category and once for an overall winner. 

Non students will be able to view video submissions of our talented students on this website. 

Read Contest Rules

 On April 30, 2021 at 5 p.m. we will host a presentation via zoom to award present the winners.   


1. Singing

2. Dancing

3. Painting/Creative Drawing 

Yoselin Ruiz

Sanda Beirdzinki

Paulina Ruiz HGT Painting

Jennifer Kerr HGT Painting

Kitana Fleming HGT painting 2Kitana Fleming HGT Painting 3Kitana Fleming HGT Painting 1Kitana Fleming HGT Painting 4

Karla Paniagua HGT Painting

Melko Sorta Painting 2Melko Sorto HGT Painting 1Melko Sorto HTG Painting 1

4. Graphic design/logo design

Isis Dominguez HGT Grpahic Design 2Isis Dominguez HGT Graphic Design

Andrea Huffman HGT Graphic Design


Victor Sung HGT Photo

Teena Hansen HGT Photo 2Teena Hansen HGT Photo 3Teena Hansen HGT photo 4Teena Hansen HGT photo 1

Jessica Matchull HGT Photo

Kayla O'Kelly

Michael Mole HGT Photo 2Michael Mole HGT Photo 3Michael Mole HGT Photo 4Michael Mole HGT Photo 1

Ana Rosas HGT Photo 2Ana Rosas HGT Photo 3Ana Rosas HGT Photo 1

David Bautista HGT Photo 2David Bautista HGT Photo 3David Bautista HGT Photo 1

6. poetry/creative Writing 

Santerria Allen

7. Hidden talents

Chelsea Crabtree HGT Hidden Talent Cake


  • Overall winner- Laptop
  • Categorical: 1 year Costco membership
  • Participants: T-shirts