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Embedded Counseling

What is Embedded Counseling?

The Embedded Counseling program is one of the major Title V-HSI grant initiatives currently taking place at Allan Hancock College. Embedded Counseling entails counselors and counseling assistants visiting classes throughout the semester in order to create access to support, guidance as well as virtual and face-to-face dialog between students, instructors, and counselors. Embedded Counselors hold relationships with students that go beyond the classroom by providing a comprehensive plan along with individualized support for students on the path to degree completion.

Primary Goals: 

  • Counselors work directly with instructors and students to create plans to address inadequacies
  • Counselors help students develop comprehensive Student Education Plans for success within the partnering course and overall college
  • Counselors help students better navigate their academic careers by providing resources, advice, and guidance through one-on-one meetings throughout the semester

Embedded counseling may assist with the following:

  • Initiate support support services to help students navigate the intimidating first year of college;
  • Increase student efficacy by bringing counselors to students and increase face-to-face dialog;
  • Create access points to support, guidance, campus and community resources;
  • Promote partnerships between English, math and science faculty;
  • Improve rates of successful course completion and decrease withdrawal rates;
  • Increase student goal setting, career planning, and engagement in course(s);
  • Improve numbers of students that are served, guided, and entering college with an individualized plan;
  • Decrease feelings of intimidation in visiting a busy counseling office.

  • For faculty, staff, and students: Contact Ben Britten, Counselor, for any questions
  • For additional questions, contact Maria Grando, Title V Grant Coordinator