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Truck Driving

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Start a Career in Commercial Truck Driving

Drive your own career and keep America moving forward by joining the legions of commercial truck drivers who are indispensable to our economy. 

Earn More!

Having a Commercial Truck Driving Certificate of Completion can help you to earn more in a job that can take you across the country. Possible careers include:

  • Heavy and tractor-trailer truck driving
  • School and delivery truck drivers

Commercial truck drivers based in the region are earning an average of up to $55,000 or more annually. What’s
more, there is no shortage of jobs in the commercial trucking industry; the American Trucking Association says the country is currently facing an estimated shortage of nearly 60,000 commercial truck drivers.

About Commercial Truck Driving

Allan Hancock College Community Education can help you obtain a California Commercial Learner’s Permit and prepare for the behind-the-wheel test. Once students complete our tuition-free program, our students will qualify to take the Class A or B California Commercial Driver’s License. Students with a California Class A or B license may be eligible for entry-level positions in the trucking industry.

A Class A license requires a minimum of 30 hours of instruction and allows individuals to drive commercial trucks, flatbeds, tractor-trailers, livestock carriers, tanker vehicles, double/triple trailers, truck/trailer combination, and tractor-trailer buses.

A Class B license requires a minimum of 15 hours of instruction and allows individuals to drive straight trucks, buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, delivery trucks, and cement mixers.

To apply for the Commercial Truck Driving Program, the following conditions must be met (FMCSA §380.703(7)):

  • Students must be 18 years of age.
  • Students must apply for admission to the program first and attend a mandatory orientation once in the program.
  • Attendance to the courses is mandatory.
  • Students must pass all written and application examinations with a grade of 80% or better.
  • Due to demand for the program, repetition of VOCE 7801 is limited to three attempts. Students who may need extra training outside of VOCE 7801 may receive it through a fee-based course at a cost to them.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have a commercial learner's permit, you can register for VOCE 7801. If you don't have a commercial learner's permit, you are encouraged to register for VOCE 7800 to prepare for the written DMV test.

Program Application

Availability is limited. Entry into the commercial truck driving program is determined by:

    • Proof of admission to the college.
    • Date of AHC Commercial Truck Driving application.
    • Placement in the waiting list.
    • Attendance and time of arrival at the mandatory orientation.

Due to the new California and federal Department of Transportation regulations that come into effect on Feb 7, 2022, all students must meet program requirements BEFORE starting classes. Therefore, the program orientation is mandatory. (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Subtitle B, Chapter III, Subchapter B, Part 380)

For more information or a program application, contact Gabby Trevino at (805) 922-6966, ext. 3587 or

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