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Calculator Rental Program

Young woman using a calculatorThe Math Center provides an opportunity for 100-level math students to rent a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator throughout a semester for a small fee. 

Rental Instructions and Payment Information

The fee for renting a calculator from the Math Center is $10.00. The Rental Agreement and associated fee are for one semester only.  The procedure for calculator rental is:

  1. Obtain a Calculator Rental Agreement form from the Math Center and fill it out.
  2. Pay the $10 Rental Fee to a Cashier in Building A and obtain a receipt.
  3. Bring the Agreement form and the Cashier’s receipt to the Math Center to obtain a calculator.
  4. If calculators are out of stock, a refund will be given. REFUNDS ONLY BY EXCEPTION. 

Students who rent calculators for the semester accept the responsibility of returning the calculator to the Math Center in undamaged and usable condition on or before the due date. Students who neglect to return calculators on time or return them in damaged condition will be assessed a fee and a hold will be place on their AHC account, causing the student to be unable to register for further classes, obtain transcripts, etc.  This hold will be removed when the calculator is returned in satisfactory condition, replaced, or the replacement fee has been paid in full.